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Chiropractic Ogden UT Headaches

Headaches in Ogden UT can have many causes. Some of the most common causes are posture and the positions we sleep in. Headache is commonly caused by the muscles at the back of your neck becoming tight due to our posture while we sit at our desk looking at a computer screen. when these muscles get tight, they put extra pressure on the nerves exiting your spine or cause the vertebrae to feel jammed in a bad position. Here is a quick check you can do to see if this is the cause of your headaches. Put your fingertip just off to the side of the bump on the back of your head where your neck meets your head. Is this area tender when you press on it? It is a good indication that you may be suffering from a tension-type headache. To truly stop these headaches a simple adjustment in the correct place will help relieve the strain on these nerves. Correcting your posture is also going to be beneficial in maintaining a headache-free lifestyle.

Types of headaches in Ogden UT

There are many other types of headaches. Migraines and Cluster headaches are some of the most miserable experiences you can have. Simply hiding in the dark seems to help, but only a little. Studies have shown that increasing Magnesium and Omega-3 consumption helps to decrease the frequency and duration of these headaches.

Taking medications such as Tylenol or Advil may help temporarily, but chiropractic adjustments have been studied extensively and are much more effective than some of the more frequently used methods. With a reduction in the tension of the muscles and ensuring that the joints of you neck are able to move freely, you are less likely to have recurrent debilitating headaches.

One of the best thing about what we do, your headaches decrease almost immediately and there are none of the side effects common with medications. No ulcers, liver toxicity, adverse drug interaction and you can still drive your car safely.

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